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Behind the Scenes at the Miami Beach Photo Shoots  

Behind the Scenes at the Miami Beach Photo Shoots

W hat did you do for your Summer Vacation?

by the Key Midwest Team

Remember back in school when you'd have to stand before the class on the first day of school and report to everyone "What I did for Summer Vacation"? Well, we've got a little show and tell of our own.

Summer is a time for taking a break. A break from college... a break from the hum-drum of everyday life and to take the chance to have some fun and to recover from the previous year's hard work. Remember the movie Grease? "Summer lovin', had me a tan..." We have captured a summer quarter to experience all year long. This year's College Men took off to Miami Beach for their summer lovin' and then took it off when they got there!

The summer home of the calendar men, Miami Beach had a tropical heat that kept us all eager to cool down. With such great college guys, to us it was the hottest place on earth.

We had pleasure of spending almost a month in Miami Beach and Key West with these Big Men on Campus. Beach-bumming with a platoon of beautiful college-aged male models and the sandy beaches of South Florida... what a combination! Believe us, too much of a good thing is a good thing. It was a fantasy vacation with 10 gorgeous Ohio State University men in the Art Deco District of Miami Beach. We set out to have each page follow these college hunks in their 20's, ripe with energy and stamina, as they cruise down Ocean Drive, surrounded by the awesome Art Deco sights and sounds. Dazzling, funky and sexy: It's the place to be . . . and the hunks to be there with. And each time the photo shoots were over, the calendar team took part as the excitement of South Beach came to life!

For the young and trendy calendar guy, Miami Beach is hot. It is known for its flamboyance, neon lights, night life and as the premier photography location.

The "Art Deco district" is a newly refurbished historic area that stretches for about a mile on the southern end of Miami Beach. The area has become a favorite of Europeans tourists, models and fashion photographers, who have put the area back on the map after years of decline. Tourists come from all over, and some say it is replacing chic European resorts. A cosmopolitan entertainment mecca, the area is being hailed as the premier place to go in the 90's and is setting fashion trends nationwide.

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